Age discrimination

Many people are aware of race, religion and sex discrimination laws with regard to employment. But a significant number of people have yet to hear about the age discrimination law. A law that first came into effect in October 2006, the age discrimination legislation prohibits any treatment of an employee or potential employee based on their age. It is an effective piece of legislation, necessary in supporting employees in today’s competitive job market.

If age discrimination is suspected, it is important to seek legal information, advice, or counsel. Age discrimination is a very serious workplace problem that can be difficult to pinpoint or define because it can be so subtle. And along with subtle, it is very serious. Regardless of who suspects ageism in the workplace, it is important to address the issue.

Acknowledge that age discrimination might be difficult to pinpoint which is against federal law, seeking legal guidance can protect most involved. Sometimes it usually is the employer who suspects that age discrimination is at play amongst the particular employees, say creating a less than helpful working environment or discriminating without cause against a workforce. Other times it usually is the employee who senses that age and generational stereotypes are generally creating an relentless workplace.

Having Van Etten Sipprelle LLP is key to ensuring that measures are in place to not only stop ageism at work, but even to prevent it. Staying current on age discrimination cases, changes to the law, and behaviors that may be constituted as such helps a business ensure a productive and legal case free work environment. As the employee, having a trusted attorney to take such concerns is equally as important, as preventing or stopping such behavior can lead to a long and healthy career track.

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