Evade a Shoplifting Conviction by Hiring a Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

In recent times, shoplifting has been ranked highest in the Southern California area. The consequences of such a ranking is directly felt by the shoplifters. The State of California prosecutes shoplifting as a misdemeanor or a felony. Repeat offenders risk being charged for a felony under the shoplifting laws in Los Angeles. Whenever a person is arrested for shoplifting, the first thing that they should do is to call a criminal defense lawyer from Kestenbaum Law Group. These lawyers have years of experience in criminal defense, shoplifting included.
The accused person needs to call his or her defense lawyer immediately. The attorneys at Kestenbaum Law Group move with speed to ensure that your case is dropped before it reaches the judge. Supposing the case makes it to court, the attorneys prepare adequately by collecting evidence that will absolve their client from any wrong doing. You stand a higher chance of winning the case with an attorney from Kestenbaum Law Group by your side.

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