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If the ex-partner (spousal partner) has a maintenance claim ( severance payment ) because the ex-partner earns a considerably higher income, this claim is added to the income. This also applies in the event that maintenance could be demanded from the ex-partner, but this will be omitted. Of course, something else applies if the maintenance claim was made, but the ex-partner refuses to pay. Land Legal Group near Los Angeles is a family law firm.

For the income are not to be considered from the outset earmarked services (eg care allowance).

Step 2: Deduction of current expenses (costs)
Of the income are the monthly current expenses, ie costs incurred deduct. A deductible is about:

• Rent and additional costs
• Costs for the trip to work (income-related expenses)
• ordinary insurance (eg life insurance, household contents, and liability).

Non-deductible are regular costs for so-called luxury goods (eg entertainment of a yacht).

Step 3: Crediting of allowances
In addition to the deduction of current costs, allowances can also be claimed. These allowances should ensure that not all income has to be spent on a divorce process. Currently (according to the legal aid notification 2015), the following allowances can be claimed, and can therefore additionally be deducted from the income. If you just recently got divorced and need a spousal support lawyer contact Land Legal Group.

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