Legal aid for spousal support in Sacramento, CA

There are two basic types of spousal support that can be accorded as per California family law. Temporary spousal support is granted when divorce proceedings are ongoing. It is usually determined by need to balance the needs of one party by the ability to pay by the other party. The seccond type is permanent spousal support. This kind of support is usually set by mutual agreement or ordered by a court after trial.

It is not mandatory for spousal support to be awarded. Getting the services of an experienced Sacramento family law attorney, is essential for a successfully negotiated agreement or trial. The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates is among the top legal firms where you can get such services. Spousal support is awarded based on a variety of factors including:

– The length of the marriage

– The income ability of the receiving spouse

– The paying spouse’s income, potential for earning, and health condition.

– The resultant tax costs and cosequences to both parties.

– The contribution made by one spouse as a homemaker.

– Whether there is an existing pre-nuptial agreement and the possibility of enforcement among other factor which can be discussed in court.

A family law expert will generally give you the best advice on these issues and examine all the facts in case to reach a desirable outcome.

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