A Gun Crimes Lawyer from Los Angeles

When it comes to gun crimes, the stakes are high. A conviction for a gun crime can carry severe penalties, including long-term incarceration and hefty fines. Therefore, it is essential to secure representation from an experienced Los Angeles gun crimes lawyer who understands the complexities of the legal system.


At Kosnett Law Firm, a Los Angeles criminal defense law firm, they understand that being charged with a gun crime is a serious matter and can have far-reaching consequences. They believe that every client deserves thorough and aggressive legal representation, and they take an individualized approach to each case. Their team of experienced attorneys focuses on developing strong legal strategies tailored to the specific situation. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve the most favorable outcome in their cases.


What are the different types of gun crimes?


In Los Angeles, it is illegal to possess, use, or carry a firearm in an unlawful manner. This includes crimes such as carrying a concealed weapon, brandishing a gun, discharging a firearm in public or on school grounds, and possession of a firearm by convicted felons. Gun-related charges also include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


If you have been charged with a gun crime, Kosnett Law Firm can help protect your rights and fight for the best outcome in your case. Their knowledgeable attorneys understand the complexities of gun laws in Los Angeles, and they will work diligently to secure the most favorable outcome possible.


Don’t let a gun-related charge ruin your future. Contact the experienced Los Angeles gun crimes lawyers at Kosnett Law Firm today and get the help you need.  Let them use their deep knowledge of California gun laws to fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Protect your rights and secure justice with skilled legal representation from Kosnett Law Firm.

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