Discrimination Attorney in San Bernardino

Having employment is a basic part of being an adult. You need to have a job that pays you for your services so you can survive in today’s world. California is a state that does not allow for discrimination against people in hiring. The state does not allow you to not hire someone based solely on their gender, race, sex, medical condition, and other aspects. They need to only not hire you or fire you based on you not fitting the proper qualifications of the job. A San Bernardino discrimination attorney will be able to outline with you the terms of discrimination. They will sit down with you and make sure that your situation is one that can be benefited by legal action. Broslavsky & Wienman, LLP are a San Bernardino labor and employment law firm.


You will need a skilled San Bernardino attorney to navigate your case. They can help you retrieve compensation for loss of wages or benefits, emotional pain and suffering as well. Broslavsky & Wienman, LLP are a labor law firm in San Bernardino. Their goal is to protect the people in their community from unfair discrimination in the work place. They understand what is unlawful discrimination and how you can benefit from legal help. One important thing to note is when in court you don’t have to prove that the only reason for whatever the circumstances may be, being forced to quit, being fired, or made to feel uncomfortable, that it wasn’t just based on discrimination.

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