Hiring a Business Attorney

If you are just going into business for yourself in Los Angeles, you should strongly consider hiring a Los Angeles business attorney. There are so many things that a lawyer can help you with, from getting your corporate status right to protecting your branding. He or she will also be invaluable in advising you on tax matters.
So you can see that there are lots of very good reasons to hire a business attorney. Taxes, licenses, compliance with regulations and laws, contracts, personal injury attorneys and more can be very tricky to get right if you depend on yourself or employees with no legal experience. Depending on your field, you might also wish to have an attorney go over your press releases and advertising to ensure the language is appropriate.
Be sure to choose an attorney who is experienced with business matters and, if possible, in your particular field. From your list of recommendations or another resource, narrow it down to three or five that you will talk to. Choose those who provide the kind of resources that you will need. While newly barred lawyers have all the qualifications, you’re better off going with someone who has been practicing for some time.

Your business attorney will not only be able to handle your legal matters but will provide valuable support for all your business practices, including taxes and corporate status. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a small company, or a large corporation, you need to have a good attorney on your team.

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