Sugar Land’s Best Grandparent’s Rights Attorneys

When you are a grandparent odds are you are expecting to visit the child and share a bond. You are not expecting to raise the child and these are the times of your life you want to enjoy with them. Though there so come some times where the child’s parents are unfit to raise the child. This could be even just your child if the parents are separated and your child has full custody. There are times when a grandparent needs to step in. Stepp & Sullivan, P.C are Sugar Land based family law firm with an abundance of experience in grandparent’s rights cases. They are there to help you no matter what kind of grandparent’s right case you have.


Judges in Sugar Land do not tend to take children away from their parents. They also do not often times side with grandparents who are asking for more visitation to their grandchild. If you really believe that your grandchild is not being well cared for and you need to take over as their guardian, you will need to have one of the best Sugar Land grandparent’s rights attorneys. You will also need concrete proof as to why you are making this claim.


When you are thinking you want to fight for your rights as a grandparent, you should contact the family law firm, Stepp & Sullivan, P.C in Sugar Land, Texas. They will fight for you. They understand that seeing your grandchild thrive is your hope. They also know that you want to see your grandchild with visitation. If you want visitation rights you will need to prove that you had a relationship with the child and then one day the parents took that right away. Grandparent’s rights cases do also tend to go better if you have one of the parents on your side.

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